LHBLK Gift Box Set *LAST ONE!!* (only 15 made)

LHBLK Gift Box Set *LAST ONE!!* (only 15 made)


The LHBLK limited Edition gift box set is a special gift box set of items that will never be released again.  Each box has a different Turk drawing in them, no two are the same.

Contents are:

(1) 8X10 Giclee print by TURK

(1) 8X10 Giclee print by Jacob Henry

(1) 8X10 Giclee print by Daveeblows

(2) Limited edition punk patches

(1) lhblk gift

These items will never be printed or made, again! only 15 of these were made!

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NOTE: These are not available to ship or pick up til Dec 17th.