About LHBLK Tattoo & Art Gallery

Left Hand Black began as a private studio founded by Turk HIMSELF in 2009 after an amicable split with his long time tattoo home and world renowned studio, Guru Tattoo.

Faced with the opportunity of designing the studio however he wanted, the studio decor steered away from the typical tattoo studio feel and leaned more into the bizarre. This private studio would serve as a makeshift portal from the outside world, transporting the client into a world of medical and macabre items such as taxidermy and antique electrical devices, apothecary and embalming bottles, and a myriad of human and animal bones and skulls. As the luster of working alone wore away, and the walls began to overflow with collections of artworks by fellow tattoo artists and antique tin-types and masonic regalia, it soon became clear, Left Hand Black needed to expand!

On Friday, July 13th 2012, Turk and his wife Crystal opened Left Hand Black TOGETHER in San Diego’s South Park district. JOINING TATTOO & FINE ART TOGETHER. The opening reception was amazingly well received and hundreds of people attended the event. As you enter the studio you are immediately welcomed by the works in the gallery showcasing the current artists exhibit, or if between exhibits, collected art and current works by resident artists. All the interesting curios and collectibles that were once only visible IN THE TURK HOME are now open for public viewing during normal business hours. Carefully designed and lovingly displayed under the direct supervision of Turk and his wife Crystal.

Left Hand Black CURRENTLY HOUSES 4 FULL TIME TATTOO ARTISTS, Turk, MARC BECCIA, MATTHEW MANROE & ASHLEY RIOT. Guest artists often visit such as world-renowned artists like Paul Dhuey, Marcus Kuhn, James Tex, Todd Noble, MANU RACOON, and more. With a laundry list of other amazing guests slated to begin NEXT year.

The gallery is curated by Crystal Turk and gallery exhibitions run 3-4 times per year. The gallery showcases world-renowned artists from all over the world as well as new local artists looking to show their creations in the local scene. Crystal takes time to hand select each individual artist to make sure Left Hand Black showcases the best for each specifically themed art show. Our flagship art-show, “Horror Business”, takes place every October featuring anywhere between 40-50 worldwide artists painting or sculpting their art in the theme of horror or Halloween on antique meat cleavers. The show is a spectacular display and a local favorite!

Left Hand Black is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 am to 8 pm.

Please visit our website frequently for information on upcoming events and exhibitions.